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Leslie J. Smith
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Employment Lawyer, Mediator, Author

Leslie J. Smith

Lawyer, Mediator, Author




28 Years in Practice


​Employment Law is a practice weighted with emotions. Almost always there is a broken relationship at the core. I see it as my job to recognize how difficult it is for my clients; not only from a financial, but emotional perspective. Those that solicit my help come to me because they’ve encountered difficulties that impact their ability to earn a living, pay their bills, and properly care for their family’s needs.



Companies that solicit my help often struggle with wanting to do the right thing, but don't know how. Or they've made mistakes and are faced with unwanted litigation.


First and fore-most, it’s my job to listen. Unlike many lawyers who work in large downtown law firms, I work and live in the same community as my clients. They are friends, neighbors and colleagues. Respect for their lives is a starting point.





Service is our mandate


Respecting your desire to resolve your case quickly and efficiently, I provide legal services that lead to outcomes that you value. Treating you holistically, I consider not just the legal issues, but more importantly what is right for you and your family or business.


Working together, we create a solution that makes sense. My goal is to resolve disputes quickly and peacefully. An Employment Law matter should never, in my view, descend into litigation but if it does, I am very experienced and successful at court advocacy.






Employees - including general laborers, supervisors, general managers, district managers, vice presidents, presidents, owners, CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CIOs, etc. Any type of non-union employee can be a client.


Employers - including government, industry, not-for-profit, NGOs, start-ups, small, medium, large businesses, family businesses, publicly-traded, privately held, etc.


Christian workplaces (charities / churches) - a unique type of client, Leslie has a particular passion in helping Christian charities and churches with their personnel issues including sensitive workplace investigations with recommendations on the legal and spiritual issues.


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