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For Employees - Leslie has successfully achieved millions of dollars in compensation for her clients, and assists in helping her employee-clients gain financial relief and peace of mind during a time of need. Leslie helps clients with all employment issues arising before, during, at the end and after employment. Leslie is also skilled at creating or negotiating employment agreements and independent contractor agreements. Creating a road map with attention to the exit strategy, saves everyone a lot of money and heartache at the end of the relationship. Don't take chances when you are entering employment. Have Leslie review your employment agreement, even if it can't be changed. You will at least know what your signing and how it may affect you. See below for an extensive list of Leslie's services as an Employment Lawyer.



‚ÄčFor Employers - As counsel to all types of employers, including many not-for-profit charities and churches, Leslie helps employers understand their rights and obligations in the Canadian non-union workplace. Leslie is also skilled at defending employers against claims from out-going employees. Using her mediation skills along with her many years of experience and knowledge, Leslie is able to extract companies from expensive litigation. Or if she is called in time, Leslie is able to guide a business through a situation so that litigation is avoided.  Always focusing on the business case as a guiding principle for how to deal with employee disputes, Leslie is keenly aware that no company should be wasting its time and energy fighting with former employees when focus is needed on the day to day of running a successful business.  Guiding your company with common sense with a view to being reasonable, is Leslie's mandate.






Employees - including general laborers, supervisors, general managers, district managers, vice presidents, presidents, owners, CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CIOs, etc. Any type of non-union employee can be a client.


Employers - including government, industry, not-for-profit, NGOs, start-ups, small, medium, large businesses, family businesses, publicly-traded, privately held, etc.


Christian workplaces (charities / churches) - a unique type of client, Leslie has a particular passion in helping Christian charities and churches with their personnel issues including sensitive workplace investigations with recommendations on the legal and spiritual issues.



Employment Law

Every Christian workplace is subject to the statutory and common law in Canada as it relates to Employment Law. Beyond that however, is God's call upon the Christian workplace to exceed man-made laws related to Human Resources.


Workplace investigations

Occupational health and safety legislation requires workplace investigations where harassment or violence takes place. Leslie is exceptionally skilled at conducting workplace investigations. Her many years as a Small Claims Court Deputy Judge, gives her the ability to take witness statements, assess credibility, weigh the evidence and provide an unbiased and clearly written investigation report that will guide your organization to the right result without the stress and destructiveness of litigation.



Anti-harassment / violence staff training

To comply with your company's obligations under workplace health and safety / human rights requirements, your staff needs to receive training. Leslie's experience at oral advocacy, lecturing and speaking, ensures that you will receive relevant, interesting and straight-forward staff training.





As a certified mediator, Leslie is able to help resolve disputes at the workplace, or resolve matters that are in litigation. In her role as a Deputy Judge, Leslie had conducted hundreds of mediations and settlement conferences. Interest-based mediation brings about resolution more quickly and less expensively than litigation. At the workplace, mediation will help restore peace and productivity to your staff.





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