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At the core of every MEDIATION is a broken relationship. Whether it’s two business partners parting

ways, the end of an employee / employer relationship, or a contract between two parties that went

south, a breakdown in a business relationship has occurred.


When I act as a Mediator, my role as a THIRD PARTY NEUTRAL is to help the parties resolve their

dispute or litigation. I practice INTEREST-BASED MEDIATION which focused on getting the parties to

determine their interests rather than their positions. Positional thinking during mediation operates like

a road-block, frustrating the goal of resolution. INTEREST-BASED MEDIATION unlocks creativity and

out-of- the-box thinking that leads to mutually beneficial solutions. Ultimately, Interest-based

mediation is a solutions-based process as opposed to being merely a fault-finding exercise.

Mediation can even restore a business relationship or at least, leave the parties feeling that they can

move on with their dignity intact and maybe even continuing to do business together.

Companies who have been sued by a former employer have a particular interest in resolving disputes,

especially those that have progressed into litigation. Litigation is an expensive distraction especially to

a small business. An unfavorable judgment after a trial can affect the company’s credit rating and its

reputation in the marketplace.


I also provide WORKPLACE REMEDIATION which is best described as preventive medicine.

Sometimes, a business relationship at the workplace has broken down or has become unbalanced.

Workplace Remediation can help restore a broken relationship, allowing the employees to continue

working together productively. In the end, this can prevent an employee leaving and claiming

constructive, workplace harassment or other unwelcome allegations. Companies utilizing Workplace

Remediation are telling their employees that they are valued enough to assist them to success and

flourish in the workplace. Ultimately, this helps a company attract and keep the best talent which leads

to greater profitability.


Finally, I enjoy acting as a PRIVATE ARBITRATOR. With my experience as a Small Claims Court

Deputy Judge, I am uniquely equipped to act as an Arbitrator or decision-maker. I have had years of

experience conducting trials in Small Claims Court which involves hearing evidence, assessing

credibility and making decisions. A PRIVATE ARBITRATOR is essentially a private “judge” or decision-

maker who will hear the parties’ submissions, evidence, witness testimony and review their

documentary evidence before making a decision. Private Arbitrations are confidential and the decision

are final allowing the parties to bring their dispute to a discreet resolution.


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